Richard Beatty
What I offer
Richard Beatty - writer and editor

The services I offer include project development, writing, editing, proofreading, and research.



See the subject pages for details of my various writing activities. For an example of my magazine writing click here (pages 4-6).



I’m always happy to consider copy-editing work. As well as copy-editing itself, I used to commission copy-editors during my time as an in-house desk editor, giving guidance on house style, the level of intervention desired, etc.



I’m a very experienced proofreader (critical and literal) of both general-level and academic texts. I’ve got a good eye for all the things that an author is less likely to notice – running heads, en-rules versus hyphens, unexplained symbols on maps and diagrams, etc. etc. . .


Project development

Large encyclopedias and other reference works need a lot of planning. Over the years I’ve drawn up, or advised on, detailed structures for many successful reference works, from Companions to Philosophy to Encyclopedias of Aquatic Life. I’ve compiled numerous sets of ‘Notes for Contributors’, helping authors of multi-contributor works to write in the style and at the level required. I’m also experienced in commissioning articles and giving writers feedback on their work.


Compiling glossaries

Many information books benefit from having a glossary to explain obscure terms and avoid misreadings.  Even technical terms can mean different things on different sides of the Atlantic, for example. My work for the Oxford English Dictionary has helped make me particularly sensitive to such issues. I've had many glossaries published, including those for the BBC book The Blue Planet and the Dorling Kindersley encyclopedias Earth, Ocean, Animal Life, Prehistoric, History Year By Year, The Complete Human Body, The Pregnant Body, Science Year By Year, and The Aircraft Book.



My historical research for the OED means that I'm used to tracking down even the most obscure books and journals, some dating back to the early days of the printed book.