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Since 2016 I've become involved in a new line of work, helping dyslexic students improve their writing skills. I am now a part-time tutor at the Scottish Rural College (SRUC), where I enjoy making a difference to individual students' learning outcomes in one-to-one tutorial sessions. The editing and proofreading skills I've built up over the years are invaluable for this new work.

I'm also still writing, including working on the DK Children's Encyclopedia (ISBN: 978-0-2412-8386-8; published October 2017). For this title I compiled and wrote the material for the reference section at the end, including timelines of writers, artists, and scientists, a glossary of religions, and a taxonomic family tree. I also co-authored Biology: An Illustrated History of Life Science (edited by Tom Jackson; published October 2017). The many articles I wrote for this book ranged from 'Animalcules' through 'Animal Electricity' to 'Zoological Gardens'.

The word-researching work I do for the Oxford English Dictionary remains a year-round activity too. (Amongst other tasks I had the pleasure of researching 'slimeball' not so long ago.) But I'm still very much in the market for freelance work of all kinds!